Monday, March 7, 2011

Budget Tips

Planning a wedding within Budget can be an overwhelming task, and while hiring a wedding planner can seem like a superfluous cost, it could save you money in the long-run.  Bells N Rings Events have valuable connections with every central name in the business, which afford them discounts and special advantages that would not be open to just anyone.  We help you create a budget that best suits your vision and help you maintain it.  We can stretch your dollar and give you everything you desire, perhaps a little more!
In the meantime, here are some tips to help you create a budget that works for you!
FIRST of- You must have a budget! You have got to create a list of each and every vendor that you plan on having, then come up with a reasonable figure that you would want to spend on that service / product and stick to it. Without a budget, your bottom line will HIT the roof before you know it.  As for cutting corners, here are some tips:
a) Invitations:  DIY.  Buy your paper from whole seller and make them on your own.  It takes time, but you will def. cut the cost by 50%.  Tip:  Make invitations of a normal envelope size available in market because creating custom sizes means, spending lot more on the envelope.  Use light weight paper when possible, will save you on postage
b) Cake / Topper:  Get a Small most a 2 tier cake.  Indian caterers already offer desserts, so save money by ordering smaller cake.  Instead of monograms/ figurines use flowers or roses instead to top the first layer
c) Day of Transportation:  Use your own car! Since you are only having a reception, no one is going to be around to see what car you leave in at the end of the day!
d) Flowers:  Avoid them as centerpieces! Instead use Petals and Votives; you can go to a whole seller for the votives. And if you are set on flowers, there are lots of whole-sellers, so shop around and get a bargain.
e) Shopping:  Shopping in India is the best, if you have a close aunty/ cousin or a relative that shares the same taste as you, ask them to buy your outfit and ship it to you.  I can give you store names that they can visit; they can email you the picture before they purchase it! For alterations, send them an outfit of your own for sizing. 
f) Photographer/ Videographer:  This is possible in your budget, but you must shop around

g) Bar Options:  DO NOT have a cash bar! I know it can save a lot of money, but after all, this is your wedding, not a club scene! Although, what you can do is, Instead of having a 5 Hours Open bar, do a 4 Hours; utilize that money to get another station from the venue during cocktail hour! Guest will always remember the food...

h) Makeup/ Hair:  Find a simple yet elegant hairstyle that works for you on and then ask your sister or brides maid to assist; this way you don't have to spend $$$ to hire a stylist.  Makeup- use MAC Products! Once you have your outfit, take it to a MAC Counter and ask them to design a look for you- than buy the products and DIY.  However, if you have the budget for this, hire a MAC Rep to do your makeup that day! MAC Reps also do freelance makeup services and you'll save lots of money vs. hiring a Desi MUA.