Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Thank You Meghna!

I don't know what we would have done without Meghna! Meghna and her team helped my wedding week become so much easier! Planning an 800 people wedding was not easy at all, and being the first in the family to get married we had a lot of questions and many things we were unaware of. But, with the help of Meghna we were able to get through the planning much more easier. She came to meetings with us, had phone dates with me, sent me constant reminder emails, made a timeline for all my events, etc. She was amazing and made the events go by much smoother! Her entire team was professional, on time, and available whenever needed! Thank you Meghna for everything!! =) Love, Janki and Keval

Image: House Of Talent

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Have you and your fiancé been discussing about having two wedding ceremonies but feel that it is just too complicated? Well DON’T FRET about it, following are TOP 10 TIPS that may help you:

1.  You may have to hire your Vendors for additional hours than anticipated – esp. photog / cinematographer 

2.  Take care of your guests because this will be a long day for them– contact me for ideas

3.  Try to take pictures with the extended families from both sides before your first ceremony

4.  Consult your beautician for the day to ensure your hair/makeup schedules does not conflict with the event timings and decide in advance on the two looks that are easy to turn-over

5.  Organize your outfits / jewelry / shoes to the T separated in two different areas of the room

6.  If possible, try to have both ceremonies at same location! Will save you time and money

7. Again the basics but very important: Create 2 Separate Boxes of the items you may require for the two ceremonies and deliver them to the venue in advance! 

8.  Create Ceremony Programs because they can keep your guests informed about the course of events and can also translate any cultural traditions / variations / readings between the two ceremonies.  It is always about the DETAILS! 

9.  When you send out your invitations, list the timings of both ceremonies on the invite as well as have two RSVP cards – this can help guests with infants or other needs, plan their day accordingly

10.  Plan the décor of your ceremonies such that the TURN-AROUND between the ceremonies is under an hour! What if you need to have both ceremonies in same room due to inclement weather?  Spend just as much time on putting together a PLAN B as you would on PLAN A! 

MOST IMPORTANTLY,  If this is too overwhelming, I AM JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY!