Thursday, December 11, 2014


 1.  What is the earliest check-in time you can give for our block?
 Hotels  have check-in times of 3pm or 4pm in some cases.

2. Can you guarantee a late checkout at no additional cost?

3.  What will be the cut-off date?
Negotiate this to be no more than 3 weeks prior

4.  Do you provide Complimentary Shuttle Service to/from our Venue?
If the answer is NO, then ask them if they would consider teaming up with a local shuttle service and provide you a room rate that includes this service?  At this point it is more of a convenience factor than price!

5.  Will you provide complimentary rooms if we reserve a block with you
Comp room for groom night before wedding
Comp room for bride night before wedding
Comp room for Bride’s Parents night of wedding
Comp room for Groom’s Parents night of wedding
Honeymoon Suite with early check-in for night of wedding

6.  Can hotel include comp breakfast for the Parents’ and B/G for entire stay?
Some hotels charge for breakfast, hence it is always good to negotiate this in before hand

7.  Is parking complimentary?
If the parking is NOT comp, ask them to COMP it for Parents + Yourselves and try to negotiate better rate for your guests’ over-night parking.  Sometimes the parking is outsourced to another company, so before you sign the room block, find out if they can give you a break in the price!

8.  If the hotel has paid breakfast service, ask them if they can offer a better rate for the group block

9.  Is there an attrition rate? Call us today to learn more about this

10.  Is there a charge for welcome bags?
Sometimes hotel will charge you for welcome bags, because they will place them in guest rooms, instead ask the hotel to hand them out at check-in! This SAVES you money because the fees can be anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 per room

There are so many variables you should keep in mind before you SIGN the Wedding Room Block! Allow Wedding Planners at Bells N Rings Events to help you navigate through all the complexities of finding the right hotel for your guests! Call us today.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014


NOT so fast! Find answers to these questions first:

1.  What is your style of photography? 
Before you ask this question, it is also important to learn about different styles, please visit our previous BLOG

2.  Very important to find out if all the images on their website are that of the photog you want to hire, Or is it of a junior / other senior artist within that group? Is there price variation due to change in artist?

3.  Will you personally cover our event?
If another junior OR senior artist within the company will cover your event, ask them if you can see their portfolio only?

4.  How many hours of coverage are included in your package?
Most photographers only work on “consecutive hours” basis; hence, even if you have a break in the day between festivities, you are technically paying for the photographer’s coverage thru the break!

5.  Is engagement shoot included with your packages or it is additional cost?
I always recommend having an engagement shoot because this allows you to get to know your photographer / get comfortable in front of camera and it also helps the photog to learn more about your personalities versus working with you directly on the day of the event

6.   Once the event is completed, when will be pictures available online for viewing?
Please make sure you get this included in your contract.

7.  What type of album is included in our package?
Will the parents’ album be duplicates / how much will it cost in addition to design separate album for parents?

8.  How many changes can we make on the layout? Are there additional fees for making these changes?

9.  How many images are included in album?

10. Is there a warranty on your albums?

We have had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry and can help you get to know them also!  Allow the Wedding planners at Bells N Rings Events to help you find the Best Photographer suitable for your event!