Friday, January 31, 2014


TOP 10 QUESTIONS for any caterer are:

1. Will you offer a better pricing if we guarantee a higher guest count? 

2. Do you charge us for equipment rental?

*sometimes venues do not provide off-premise caterer with equipment. These items can be Chafing dishes / Serving bowls and utensils*especially if you are planning a family style service. Hence, it is important to find out in advance if your caterer will charge you for these rentals. Also, ask them if you can provide your own vendor referral for these items?

3. Have you worked with our venue prior? If not, will you conduct a meeting with venue prior to our event to visit their kitchen / review your access to kitchen / check on equipment list?

4. What is your charge for Kitchen Personnel?

5. Is there a on-site supervisor fee? Is it one-time fee or you charge for ceremony and reception separately?

6. How many kitchen personnel are required from your company for our event size? * This will allow you to identify total amount you will be spending with that caterer

7. Will you personally attend the event? If not, can we meet the supervisor prior to our event?

8. What is the transportation fee? Again, is it a one-time fee or charged separately for ceremony and reception?

9. Is there a service charge applicable; If so, how much? If not, how much gratuity do you recommend for your staff at the end of the day?

10. What items do you prepare on-site and what you bring from your kitchen pre cooked?

Finally, you should always hire a caterer who can provide a liability insurance certificate to your venue for the amount required by the venue. Without this insurance certificate, your caterer will not be allowed to enter the venue and most caterers are happy to provide this when requested.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

FIRST 3 FINANCIAL STEPS (before you begin planning)

All our Brides ask us – where do we begin/ how much can a wedding cost in New York or New Jersey / how much should we anticipate on spending?  While these are great questions and I am happy to answer them, but the most important question a couple should ask themselves is: What is our budget? How much can we afford to spend on our big day?

Let’s face the facts – Weddings are expensive and the budget can go out-of-hands in a flash.  Without having a proper financial plan to begin with, you may find yourself in a financial burden even after the wedding – But don’t worry! We are here to help.  Please start your planning process off on the right foot with following 3 Steps and remember if it is too stressful, just hire a wedding planner!

Bank account dedicated to wedding funds will allow you to track and manage your funds without having to go thru a detailed bank statement which shows gas / groceries / shopping sprees and everything else on it!  It is also advisable to open this account in a separate bank to avoid any temptations of digging in to wedding funds for a special dinner date or new tires!

Review current financial situation and identify a set amount you can contribute regularly to your dream wedding.  This is a chore and will test your math skills – but better to have this done NOW than fishing for funds later on.  Once you have identified how much you can save-up, will now allow you to create a bottom line budget that you should keep in mind before you begin planning your wedding vision.

Don’t be shy to approach parents; you rather have this talk before you begin planning. If they are offering to contribute, but you are uncertain or unwilling to take their help, just graciously thank them and let them know that you might take their help in the near future!

Finally, if you are still confused on where to begin – Call us today! You have nothing to lose.  As a wedding planner we work with budgets of all types and we continuously work with our couples to help them save money, stay within budget and show them ways to stretch their dollar!