Friday, January 10, 2014


I highly recommend that you book an artist that you are feel comfortable with, who understands your style and can deliver without compelling, artist who has the ability to remain calm under pressure and has the experience to work with different lighting and space challenges.  Here are few VERY important questions you should ask when you meet with makeup artists.
1.  What is the cost of hiring you for two makeup looks (morning/evening)?

2.  How much time should we allocate for each look for Bride and then for others?
3.  Do you require a minimum number of people or minimum dollar amount for the date I am interested in?

4.  How much do you charge for anyone besides bride?
5.  Do you charge for transportation cost and if so, is it one-time fee or per trip?

6.  How do you handle two separate “getting ready” locations on my Big day?  Do you charge extra?
7.  Do you provide hair-extensions / false lashes?

8.  What is the cost of trial and what can I bring to the trial?
9.  How many brides do you book in one day?  Will you notify me before taking up another assignment for that day? Does this restrict the access I will have to your services? 

10.  Do you travel for trial? Or do I have to come to your salon?
11.  References / Portfolio / Blogs please?

12.  Do you use air-brush or hand-application? Do you travel with a backup airbrush kit?
13.  Do you stay with us the entire day or leave?  If so, what you recommend I carry for touch-up?

14.  What happens if you can NOT make it on my day? 
15.  What size of bridal party can you accommodate?  Do you need to bring additional staff based on my requirements?  What will be the cost?

Finally, please get a contract from the vendor you select with all the details written down.  All arrangements made via emails in the future, should also be saved in their file.  If you need help finding the Makeup Artist who is just right for you – call us today!

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