Thursday, January 9, 2014


Following questions and tips will help you learn more about the venue you are considering for your Big-Day.  Please bring this with you to all venue visits and don’t be shy to take notes!  AND Remember – Always get everything in writing. 

1.  Does the minimum guest count comprise of all ages?
Some venues charge you a full-per person cost until the minimum gtd. is met.  Once that guarantee is met, then only venue will begin considering lower negotiated rate for minors and children.
2. Do you offer a discounted rate for non-drinkers (typically ages 6 to 20?)
If some of your guests are under the age of 20, you should negotiate a better rate for that age group.

3. Do you allow use of small fire-pit inside the ballroom?
It is extremely important to ask this question especially to venues with lower ceilings or draped ceilings.  If you are not allowed to use a small fire-pit (havan-kund), then ask the venue what is the alternative? Is use of pillar candle approved?

4. How much is the deposit? When is it due? Is it refundable?

5. Do you have backup space for ceremony and reception?
 Always have a backup plan.  Even if you are getting married in summer, consider the high temperatures, humidity, rain and work out a backup plan with venue in advance.

6. Do you have a Bride Suite and a Groom suite or a hospitality suite?
If the venue is not a hotel setting, remember you will have your bridal party at the venue earlier than all the guests.  Hence, they will need a hospitality room to utilize for final touches to makeup/outfits / relax, etc.

7. Is your facility handicap accessible?
For the guests with mobility issues you may require wheel-chair ramps to be available.  Even if there is a step-down into the ballroom, you will need a ramp.

8. Given your tentative event times, what time will you gain access to the venue?
Don't leave any page un-turned.  You will be surprised that most venues give access to bridal suites only couple of hours before ceremony time.  Hence, negotiate this in advance. 

9. Do you book more than One Wedding A Day?
There are venues that have the space to host more than one event per day.  Hence find out how do they separate the events? Are there areas that become non-accessible to you because of other events?

10. What is the cost of room rental / alcohol / service charge?

 Please check back with us soon to find out additional questions you should ask venues!

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