Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confessions of a ShopoJolic - Tips on India Shopping

I seriously believe that if you follow my “smart-shopper” list below, you will have a pleasant wedding shopping experience in India and enjoy your trip! But before you go, please create a budget and stick to it! 
If you need help creating your budget, contact your Indian Wedding Planner at Bells N Rings Events today! Let us guide you…
1. Get started on Malaria preventive care medication prior to leaving for India. Talk to your doctor for prescription.
2. Get Invitation / Program description/ details drafted beforehand.
3. Arrange for an air-conditioned taxi with driver that knows the town and is trustworthy. There is nothing worse than depending upon rickshaws / trains plus it is a hassle to walk around lugging your entire day worth of shopping with you everywhere.  Just keeping throwing it in the car and you are hands-free and your goods are in safe hands!
4. Plan on staying at a hotel.  While living with relatives has it perks, but with that you may end up spending lot more time inside the house mingling or meeting extended family vs. shopping.
5. Upon arrival into India, first get your invitations done – trust me, it will take more time if you wait around too much. – always get them made in the city you plan to spend most of your time in because you will be meeting with the invitation designer’s couple of times before they go for printing! Save travel time and avoid phone communication
6. Go shopping for Bridal outfits.  Rule of thumb: if you don’t like the first 5 outfits shown by the shop, walk out immediately! You will thank me for the time you save/ un-wanted sales talks and headaches.  Be very clear and firm with the store on your fitting / alterations / pick up date.
7. Grooms Outfits.  Tip: Purchase matching paghadi / shoes from the same place.
8. BM and GM outfits... Remember to find something different for MOH and Best Man
9. Party favors and favors bags. Decide your budget before you go and stick to it!
10. Special relative’s gifts
11. Jewelry for Bride
12. Shop for wedding bands
13. Shop for BM accessories
14. Stay hydrated
15. Carry sun block
Most importantly please have fun and research before you go on latest trends / colors/ styles/ this will save you time and help you remain focused in the chaos.  For additional tips to make your travel to India smooth contact your Indian Wedding Planner at Bells N Rings Events today!!!

From Ms. to Mrs.- Tips On Name Change

Apart from changing your single status to a Mrs. you might also consider taking your spouse's last name! Changing your name is no walk in the park, hence, I thought I would give you a list of some of the places to get you started...

1. Change of Name on Social Security Card.  For this you will require the following items:

a. Your marriage license
b. Completed form SS-5 available at website
c. State ID or some form of identification confirming your current name

2. Drivers License and Insurance information
3. Payroll information, 401K/ IRA/any other investments
4. Bank Accounts [you may be required to go in-person depending upon your bank, and present your Marriage license]
5. Credit Cards
6. Passport
7. Utility and other bills