Thursday, January 6, 2011

Touch of class with pink

After reading that the color for 2011 is Honeysuckle Pink [per pantone], I felt a bit relieved because this color is exuberant and when infused with other colors, the décor looks enchanting and sophisticated. To be honest, turquoise (color for 2010) was great, but after a point it was a bit droning and masculine when paired with some colors at weddings!  And hereof, I urge my brides to use the honeysuckle pink passionately; and try to mix it up with my personal favorites:
Top 5 Color Schemes for 2011                                                           
1.       Honeysuckle Pink and Apple Green
2.      Honeysuckle Pink and Red and Vanilla accents
3.      Honeysuckle Pink and Mango Orange
4.      Honeysuckle Pink and Yellow
5.      Honeysuckle Pink and Grey
Now that you have a color scheme to suit your wedding style, call the experienced wedding planners at Bells N Rings Events today, to add the touch of class to your wedding deserves.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Must-Haves for an Outdoor Wedding / Reception

Many couples give up on the idea of having an outdoor affair only because well, mother-nature and the stress an outdoor event planning can bring.  While one cannot go against the heat, wind, rain or simply overwhelming greenery, we can prepare and plan ahead to make the  most of these elements and turn our outdoor dream wedding into an accomplishment.  To help you along the way, here are some "must-haves" for an outdoor wedding.

1st.  Backup Plan always begins with a great venue- find a venue that has both, lavish outdoors and cozy indoors.  So in case you have to move the party inside, it still complements your overall look and feel

2nd.  Make your guests comfortable, refreshed and happy.  I highly recommend that you should serve mock-tails, gelato, fresh fruit [berries] and or water prior to the start of the ceremony.  Use of an outdoor tent, hand-held fans and or parasols is advisable.

3rd.  For high-winds area, avoid light weight fabric usage in your Mandap and isle décor such as: chiffon, organza, silk.  Wind can get caught in the fabric and sometimes can make a Mandap fall!

4th.  During most seasons you will have great backdrops of green trees and seasonal flowers, however, these can sometimes over-power your décor, so please keep your surroundings in mind while designing your Mandap/center piece and the general décor of your ceremony.  In order to bring more attraction to your site, concentrate on your focal point eg/. Mandap décor should be vibrant colored flowers, use of luminaries, colorful paper lanterns, draping of bright fabrics, strings of lights, hanging lanterns, electric candles, etc can really make your ceremony or reception area stand-out.

5th.  Please don’t think citronella candles can look un-attractive! They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, so don’t think twice and please use them.  The only bite your guests should remember is that of fresh fruit and berries they ate.

Join hands with Bells N Rings Events today and make your lavish outdoor Indian wedding a chic, well-designed, and an exuberant event for you and your loved ones.