Thursday, January 6, 2011

Touch of class with pink

After reading that the color for 2011 is Honeysuckle Pink [per pantone], I felt a bit relieved because this color is exuberant and when infused with other colors, the d├ęcor looks enchanting and sophisticated. To be honest, turquoise (color for 2010) was great, but after a point it was a bit droning and masculine when paired with some colors at weddings!  And hereof, I urge my brides to use the honeysuckle pink passionately; and try to mix it up with my personal favorites:
Top 5 Color Schemes for 2011                                                           
1.       Honeysuckle Pink and Apple Green
2.      Honeysuckle Pink and Red and Vanilla accents
3.      Honeysuckle Pink and Mango Orange
4.      Honeysuckle Pink and Yellow
5.      Honeysuckle Pink and Grey
Now that you have a color scheme to suit your wedding style, call the experienced wedding planners at Bells N Rings Events today, to add the touch of class to your wedding deserves.

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