Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Best investment!    posted 2/27/2014 
Having Meghna and her team help plan our wedding from day 1 was the best investment I could have made for our wedding. She and her team went above and beyond throughout the process from planning and selecting vendors, to helping me negotiate with vendors, and even going to vendor locations with me! She was always professional and caring. I felt that she guided us through decisions keeping in mind our taste and budget. My husband was in medical school while we were planning our wedding and I really was able to lean on Meghna throughout for support and feedback.

On the wedding day itself, she really helped the whole wedding move smoothly, and that is a tough task with almost 300 people from two different cultures. Because her team was present and attentive throughout, I didn't have to worry one second about people being where they needed to be, and vendors knowing what they had to do. She thought ahead about many things I would not have thought of. I am 100% positive that she dealt with things that would have added significant stress for me, that I don't even realize. I really appreciated how organized she was throughout and how she didn't miss one detail during the planning.

Meghna and her team at Bells N Rings have my highest recommendation. I think they will be a major asset to anybody's wedding planning process and day. 

-  Ashmi and Jacob
The Merion
300 Guests


I am glad we hired Meghna!    posted 1/7/2014 
We hired Meghna of Bells N Rings for day of coordinator for our wedding this past Labor Day. Overall we are very happy with her work. She was very organized and more importantly she helped us get organized. She had good ideas and was available to meet us as many times as we wanted to get comfortable. As soon as we signed her on, she emailed all our vendors and introduced herself and took over as the point person for many of the things. She is very easy going and a pleasure to work with. On our wedding day she wasn’t feeling well, but I had no idea and she did not miss a beat. There were definitely a few hiccups on our wedding day, but she did a great job managing them without bringing us in. She gave us her honest opinion every time we asked and many times we took it, but even in instances that we chose to do something differently, she was 100% on board.

Overall my wife and I were very happy with Meghna and without a doubt would hire her again. We actually wished we had hired her earlier. We only hired her a month before our wedding and by then we had done a lot of heaving lifting on our own. 

-Pooja & Rahul
Birchwood Manor
250 Guests

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Do you have a Plan B in place if it gets too hot on the wedding day? Just like you, comfort of your friends, family and loved ones is also our priority, hence, follow these simple TIPS to keep your wedding guests cool and hydrated:

1) Canopy style seating for your guests

2) Hand-held fans or parasols for the ladies 

3) Serve Fresh Squeezed Lemonade berries and mint

 4) Serve Ice-cream or Kulfi 

5) Offer guests fresh juices throughout the ceremony 

 We always review venue's contract to ensure there is a contingency clause (Backup Space Plan) for rain and heat incorporated in the contract.  



Friday, March 7, 2014


“But I thought this was a part of your service?” 
 Following are the TOP 10 Things you thought were already offered by your venue.

1.  Venue approves having a Baraat (drummer/ mobile music van / horse) on premise
There are venues in NJ/ NYC where you may require city permits for allowing live drummers / live musicians or live music outdoors.  Some venues also have restrictions of how much noise you can make - last thing you need is to STOP the baraat music! So please ask the venue before you sign your contract

2.  Venue allows small fire pit /flames indoors for Hindu ceremony
If you are planning an outdoor wedding, you may not spend enough time discussing Plan B with the venue and when the time comes, you just might get an unpleasant surprise

3.  Venue allows any caterer of your choice

4.  Venue offers kosher menu or has kosher kitchen onsite

5.  Venue provides a wedding cake at no additional cost (esp. for outside catered events)

6.  Venue will grant access to the bridal suites whenever you want. (Most venues only allow the couple to be on-site 2 to 3 hours prior to the ceremony)

7.  Venue only caters to “One Wedding A Day”

8.  Venue will give access to your decorator or other vendors at 5am without additional fee

9.  Venue has a stage available at no additional cost

10. Venue provides you a wedding planner!  Term used loosely by some vendors these days.

Allow us to guide you and to be your wedding planners, call us today – you have nothing to lose!


Thursday, March 6, 2014


As a wedding planner I always come prepared with a small sewing kit / safety pins etc to help our brides with the slip-ups and pin ups. A bride recently asked me whether she should hire a Professional Sari Stylist (drape artist) or ask an aunt / cousin? Here is what I told her:

Professional sari stylists can get the job done in 15 minutes or less!
  •  They know the amount of movement you need on that day and therefore they know where to pin-up strategically.
  • They know how to divide the weight especially on those heavy saris so that your shoulder doesn't look weigh down, or the pleats don't create a bulge around your waist.
  • They can also pin-up the dupatta / veil over your head professionally without all the bobby pins showing up in your pictures! 
 Having said that, I also like you to know that most artists charge anywhere from $35 to $50 and some require a minimum draping service fee or min. gtd., plus a travel fee!

CONTACT us today so that we can help you find the artist just right for you!
No matter whom you decide to get help from – have a Trial – trial – trial!
(Can’t emphasize enough)

CONS for asking someone else
  •  What if this person is running late that morning? 
  • What if you don't like what they did, but you are too shy to express? 
  • What if they didn’t bring the right size safety pins? 
  • What if they require additional hands to help them put a sari on you? 
Before you know it, you will be surrounded by five people giving five opinions on how it should be pinned – Do you really need that stress?