Friday, March 4, 2016


Before you meet decorators and florists, you should create a list of all items you  may need to get from them.  Hence, introducing my 40 POINT DECOR CHECKLIST FOR CEREMONY! With Bells N Rings Events planners by your side, you wouldn't have to worry about over-spending or not doing enough! Allow us to guide you every step of the way
1.       BUDGET:  This list allows you to decide what you must have / what you don't need.  And then, you can have an accurate quote from decorator allowing you to budget efficiently.
2.       SAVES TIME: You won't have to contact decorator multiple times to add items because you thought about it all BEFORE you met them.

1.       Mandap / Chuppah / Altar (herein structure)

2.       Fabrics to add to structure

3.       Carpet for stage

4.       Chairs for Bride - Groom

5.       Chairs for Parents

6.       Chairs for bridal party if seated at mandap

7.        Seating for priest

8.       Havankund / fire-pit

9.       Chori set (stack of pots surrounding the 4 corners of mandap)

10.   Pedestals for aisle with or without connectors

11.   Aisle Runner

12.   Floral accents for aisle runner

13.   Aisle Gate

14.   Baraat Gate with flowers / fabrics

15.   Ganesh Statue

16.   Accent items for Ganesh table

17.   Flowers for structure

18.   Flowers for aisle

19.   Statues for aisle

20.   Garlands for the couple

21.   Garland for groom

22.   Garlands for Milni

23.   Rose Petals for Ceremony

24.   Lose flowers for Ceremony (priest's use)

25.   Flower Girl Baskets with petals

26.   Floral Crown for flower girls

27.   Bride's Bouquet

28.   Bridesmaids Bouquets

29.   Flowers for bride's hair

30.   Boutonnières for groom and others (best man /groomsmen/fathers / ring-bearer/grand-fathers)

31.   Corsage for Moms' and others (grandmothers')

32.   If the ceremony is at a place of worship (church/Gurudwara/temple etc.)you may require additional floral arrangements

33.   Chivari Chairs

34.   Chair Covers with Sashes

35.   Gift Box

36.   Doli for Bride

37.   Jhaal for bride to walk under

38.   Banana Leaves and other floral items specific to your ethnic background requested by your priest

39.   Unity Candle Table Décor

40.   MOST Important: If your ceremony is outside, you do need a backup PLAN B structure for indoors. Either you may just need to add a backdrop or you may need a completely different structure contingent upon ceiling height.  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Thank You Meghna!

I don't know what we would have done without Meghna! Meghna and her team helped my wedding week become so much easier! Planning an 800 people wedding was not easy at all, and being the first in the family to get married we had a lot of questions and many things we were unaware of. But, with the help of Meghna we were able to get through the planning much more easier. She came to meetings with us, had phone dates with me, sent me constant reminder emails, made a timeline for all my events, etc. She was amazing and made the events go by much smoother! Her entire team was professional, on time, and available whenever needed! Thank you Meghna for everything!! =) Love, Janki and Keval

Image: House Of Talent

Thursday, January 29, 2015


Have you and your fiancé been discussing about having two wedding ceremonies but feel that it is just too complicated? Well DON’T FRET about it, following are TOP 10 TIPS that may help you:

1.  You may have to hire your Vendors for additional hours than anticipated – esp. photog / cinematographer 

2.  Take care of your guests because this will be a long day for them– contact me for ideas

3.  Try to take pictures with the extended families from both sides before your first ceremony

4.  Consult your beautician for the day to ensure your hair/makeup schedules does not conflict with the event timings and decide in advance on the two looks that are easy to turn-over

5.  Organize your outfits / jewelry / shoes to the T separated in two different areas of the room

6.  If possible, try to have both ceremonies at same location! Will save you time and money

7. Again the basics but very important: Create 2 Separate Boxes of the items you may require for the two ceremonies and deliver them to the venue in advance! 

8.  Create Ceremony Programs because they can keep your guests informed about the course of events and can also translate any cultural traditions / variations / readings between the two ceremonies.  It is always about the DETAILS! 

9.  When you send out your invitations, list the timings of both ceremonies on the invite as well as have two RSVP cards – this can help guests with infants or other needs, plan their day accordingly

10.  Plan the décor of your ceremonies such that the TURN-AROUND between the ceremonies is under an hour! What if you need to have both ceremonies in same room due to inclement weather?  Spend just as much time on putting together a PLAN B as you would on PLAN A! 

MOST IMPORTANTLY,  If this is too overwhelming, I AM JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY!


Thursday, December 11, 2014


 1.  What is the earliest check-in time you can give for our block?
 Hotels  have check-in times of 3pm or 4pm in some cases.

2. Can you guarantee a late checkout at no additional cost?

3.  What will be the cut-off date?
Negotiate this to be no more than 3 weeks prior

4.  Do you provide Complimentary Shuttle Service to/from our Venue?
If the answer is NO, then ask them if they would consider teaming up with a local shuttle service and provide you a room rate that includes this service?  At this point it is more of a convenience factor than price!

5.  Will you provide complimentary rooms if we reserve a block with you
Comp room for groom night before wedding
Comp room for bride night before wedding
Comp room for Bride’s Parents night of wedding
Comp room for Groom’s Parents night of wedding
Honeymoon Suite with early check-in for night of wedding

6.  Can hotel include comp breakfast for the Parents’ and B/G for entire stay?
Some hotels charge for breakfast, hence it is always good to negotiate this in before hand

7.  Is parking complimentary?
If the parking is NOT comp, ask them to COMP it for Parents + Yourselves and try to negotiate better rate for your guests’ over-night parking.  Sometimes the parking is outsourced to another company, so before you sign the room block, find out if they can give you a break in the price!

8.  If the hotel has paid breakfast service, ask them if they can offer a better rate for the group block

9.  Is there an attrition rate? Call us today to learn more about this

10.  Is there a charge for welcome bags?
Sometimes hotel will charge you for welcome bags, because they will place them in guest rooms, instead ask the hotel to hand them out at check-in! This SAVES you money because the fees can be anywhere from $1.00 to $5.00 per room

There are so many variables you should keep in mind before you SIGN the Wedding Room Block! Allow Wedding Planners at Bells N Rings Events to help you navigate through all the complexities of finding the right hotel for your guests! Call us today.