Friday, March 4, 2016


Before you meet decorators and florists, you should create a list of all items you  may need to get from them.  Hence, introducing my 40 POINT DECOR CHECKLIST FOR CEREMONY! With Bells N Rings Events planners by your side, you wouldn't have to worry about over-spending or not doing enough! Allow us to guide you every step of the way
1.       BUDGET:  This list allows you to decide what you must have / what you don't need.  And then, you can have an accurate quote from decorator allowing you to budget efficiently.
2.       SAVES TIME: You won't have to contact decorator multiple times to add items because you thought about it all BEFORE you met them.

1.       Mandap / Chuppah / Altar (herein structure)

2.       Fabrics to add to structure

3.       Carpet for stage

4.       Chairs for Bride - Groom

5.       Chairs for Parents

6.       Chairs for bridal party if seated at mandap

7.        Seating for priest

8.       Havankund / fire-pit

9.       Chori set (stack of pots surrounding the 4 corners of mandap)

10.   Pedestals for aisle with or without connectors

11.   Aisle Runner

12.   Floral accents for aisle runner

13.   Aisle Gate

14.   Baraat Gate with flowers / fabrics

15.   Ganesh Statue

16.   Accent items for Ganesh table

17.   Flowers for structure

18.   Flowers for aisle

19.   Statues for aisle

20.   Garlands for the couple

21.   Garland for groom

22.   Garlands for Milni

23.   Rose Petals for Ceremony

24.   Lose flowers for Ceremony (priest's use)

25.   Flower Girl Baskets with petals

26.   Floral Crown for flower girls

27.   Bride's Bouquet

28.   Bridesmaids Bouquets

29.   Flowers for bride's hair

30.   Boutonnières for groom and others (best man /groomsmen/fathers / ring-bearer/grand-fathers)

31.   Corsage for Moms' and others (grandmothers')

32.   If the ceremony is at a place of worship (church/Gurudwara/temple etc.)you may require additional floral arrangements

33.   Chivari Chairs

34.   Chair Covers with Sashes

35.   Gift Box

36.   Doli for Bride

37.   Jhaal for bride to walk under

38.   Banana Leaves and other floral items specific to your ethnic background requested by your priest

39.   Unity Candle Table Décor

40.   MOST Important: If your ceremony is outside, you do need a backup PLAN B structure for indoors. Either you may just need to add a backdrop or you may need a completely different structure contingent upon ceiling height.  


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