Friday, December 17, 2010

a "TIP" for you...

While tipping your wedding vendors is not mandatory, I personally feel that it is humane to reward someone for a service well done by money in addition to a simple thank-you card! With so many tipping myths around, how do you decide the right dollar figure?  Here are some “tips” that can help you out!
Wait staff: Most reception sites add gratuity fee to your bottom line.  In such cases, you are not obligated to tip the staff on the day of your event.  If however, you opt for a sit-down/ family style meal plan vs. a buffet, then you should tip the wait staff just as you would at a restaurant.  15% typically of your total catering bill is a good amount. 
Hair/Make-up Artist: 15-20%
Valet staff: $1.00 per car [if the guest count is really high, you can consider $.75 per car.  Similar calculation applies for restroom / coat-room attendants
Officiant: $50-$100
DJ:  75-$150.00 is recommended and yes, you should tip the DJ even if he owns the company!
Limo Driver: 15% is a good amount and most of the time this is already added onto your final bill, so don’t hesitate to check your contract again.
Horse for Baraat: 10%
Wedding Planner: 10% of their total bill
Here are other tips for you:
  • Always plan and prepare ahead:  Pre-label and place the tips into security envelopes per vendor.  Then give these to either your Maid-of-Honor or the Best Man to distribute at the end of the night to distribute. 
  • Tips are always in Cash
  • If you have an outside caterer, ask them before hand the tip they recommend for their services

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