Monday, February 3, 2014


How to find out if the DJ you are considering is right for your event; by asking these TOP 10 QUESTIONS:
1.  Who will be the DJ and Emcee for our event?

2.  How do you motivate crowd to join the floor?

3.  Can we see the DJ and Emcee perform live?

4.  What type of lighting package do you recommend for our event within our budget?

5.  What sets you apart from other DJ / Emcee in the industry?

6.  Can you assist with music selections for entrances / parents dances etc?

7.  What backup equipment do you bring with you to the venue?

8.  Are you familiar with our music choice?

9.  How do you handle music requests from guests?

10.  What is your alcohol consumption policy?

In addition to the above DJ should be approachable via phone or emails, professional, dependable as well as willing to work with your event itinerary and requirements.  

Finally, they should be able and experienced to handle changes on wedding day, work well under pressure and come prepared to deal with any weather related issues that may arise - especially if you are planning an outdoor ceremony or reception. 

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