Monday, November 1, 2010

Wedding Day Survival Kit

Preparing a "day of kit" can leave you puzzled and packing inadvertently.  Don't feel embarrased as you are not the only one! Packing for a vacation is a walk in the park compared to the "Wedding Day Survival Kit", at least during vacation if I forget something, I can just do without or go to the hotel gift-shop and pick it up! But what would you do, if you need something just minutes before your ceremony or the reception ? So how can we get you packed and "in-control", for your speacial day ?  By following these simple tips, that's how!

Other Items                        Got Money?                   Hair & Make-up Accessories
Gift for Hubby                   Limo Driver                   Bobby Pins   
Phone numbers               Hairstylist                      Hair Spray 
Vendors & Bridal Party  DJ/ Band                        Blotting Paper
 Sexy Lingere                                                             Makeup Remover

First Aid Supplies           Seamstress Kit                 Personal Hygiene Kit
Aspirin                              Safety Pins                       Toothpaste & Brush
Assorted Bandages         Sewing Kit                        Floss & Mouthwash
Antacid                             Scissors                            Deodorant & Perfume

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