Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What Is Your Style

Don’t get carried away by the title, I wasn’t hinting towards Prada or Gucci; I mean What is your preferred style of photography? With thousands of photographers and techniques available in market today, how do you know what style reflects you best as a couple?  Which photography techniques will give you “The Kodak Moments” that you have been planning for?  To help you decide and choose your photographer, here are the most popular photography techniques used today:
Photojournalistic Approach - Easiest way to describe it would be, real memories of real moments captured without the posing, stress, and orchestration of “say-cheese”... This approach allows the photographer to take a back-seat to directing a shoot and gives you more room and liberty to be yourself!  This technique interpretes pictures in a story format.  I highly recommend this for couple(s) who may be camera shy.  
Fashion and Glamour Photography - Now this happens to be my favorite! Especially when you spend all this time customizing every little detail from your day, why not capture them in photos- the couture outfits, jewelry, shoes, tux, makeup/ hair – the whole nine yards! And with Glamour – the focus is on you! so pose as if no one is watching, bring out the vogue in you on your wedding day
Candid Approach - Photography that focuses more on spontaneity rather than a staged photo shoot.  Photographers enjoy shooting this approach more than portraits/ traditional shoots.  Simply put, these Images are what photographer captured, not created
Traditional Approach - this approach is a 360 t.urn from the photojournalistic approach.  This is also a good technique to use when you want to capture some family portraits- after all- wedding can’t be just about you two! Who’ll give the over-dramatic aunty the attention she deserves? This technique will.  The photographer is mostly in control of the shot.
So the next time you visit a photographer, audit their albums, what kind of technique do you see them use the most?  What technique do you relate to the best and what technique suits your personalities the most.  Once you have your style! Just remember to relax, smile and enjoy your photo-shoots- by the way, it helps if the photographer is energetic, funny and makes you feel at ease…

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