Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guest Accommodation - Our Guide to help you make the right decision

In addition to having clean rooms and safe neighborhood there should be other priorities to keep in mind while seeking accommodations for your wedding guests.  There are numerous points/ fine prints/ fees that you should ascertain while interviewing potential hotels.  To help you make the right decision, here are some key pointers to keep in mind and questions you can ask during your interviews:
1.     How far is the hotel from the venue?  Do not book a hotel outside of 15 miles of the venue. 

2.     Is there a complimentary shuttle service available with the room block

3.     Is there complimentary parking / valet parking / garage parking? And is there a discount available for your guests

4.     Complimentary breakfast available with room block or is there a cost?

5.     Complimentary internet service available or is there a cost

6.     How many complimentary rooms are included with a block? Traditionally, one complimentary room is available per 15 booked rooms

7.     Is there a complimentary turn-down service available for your VIP rooms

8.     Is there a “minimum booked room’s requirement” to guarantee a block? Even though you have a room block, some hotels require that you must pick-up X amount of rooms under that block for the “group rate” to apply.  This is usually listed in the fine print, so please read the contract carefully

9.     Is your credit card required to hold the room block?  They should not charge you for any rooms that have not been reserved from the block

10.  Once all your questions are addressed, inform the hotel sales person that you are shopping around and will choose the right hotel for their guests.  This alerts the hotel to keep their pricing at the market price and may be offer amenities that other competitors may not include in the package!

Above are few FAQ that our couples have. But there is lot more to “room blocks” than a clean room, so call us today and allow us to handle your hotel room blocks so that your guests are well taken care of.

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