Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Priest / Pandit / Officiant - Ask the "Right" questions

A wedding is not only a marriage between a couple, but a union of two cultures, sometimes two religions and definitely two families.  And this union starts with the ceremony.  It is safe to say that couples typically spend more time focusing on the “dos & don’ts” for their reception, but what is a reception without an exquisite ceremony? And what is a ceremony without a knowledgeable Priest / Pundit / Officiant?  Believe it or not, your Pundit is in-control of your ceremony and therefore it is important to ask the “Right” questions before hiring your Pundit

  • What are the religious or cultural aspects we must cover during the ceremony
  • What are your thoughts on incorporating two different cultural beliefs into one coherent ceremony
  • If your family believes in “Muhurat” then ask the pundit whether he can provide those timings
  • What will be the duration of the ceremony and can it alter based on your timeline
  • Do you speak English / Sanskrit fluently – most Hindu ceremonies are conducted in Sanskrit and it is important to have a priest who is well versed in both languages so that he/she can translate and educate the marrying couple throughout the ceremony
  • Do you have your own reliable transportation and do you charge transportation fee
  • Do you provide a “puja items list” in advance or do you bring all the puja items required during the ceremony with you?
Now that you have your answers, remember to have the priest sign your Marriage License.

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